To facilitate open communication between students and their instructors for the Flexible Learning that will be adopted during the resumption of classes for the 2nd semester of AY 2019-2020 on May 4 which will end May 31, the College Management is posting the contact numbers of the faculty members of the 11 departments of the College. Faculty members have provided the College Management their consent to post their contact numbers in the College's official website and social media accounts.

        Students are strongly advised to use these contact numbers for official purposes only. As such, they should observe proper decorum in sending text messages, questions and/or clarifications with the following content: name, course, subject, time, schedule and concerns.

        Furthermore, faculty members are also advised to keep their communication lines open from May 4 until the deadline of submission of requirements on July 24,2020 to ensure that students are assisted and guided sufficiently throughout the remainder of the academic calendar for this current semester. For information and guidance of all concerned.





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