Goals and Objectives

  • To create an adequate and stimulating learning environment by providing information resources in pursuit of teaching, research and extension work of the academic institution.
  • To acquire, organize, and provide materials in line with the institution’s main objectives, course offerings and programs.
  • To offer formal and informal institution’s to library users in the use of books and resources.
  • To provide library users a reading area and other library facilities
  • To coordinate with the faculty and students regarding their needs on institutional materials;
  • To provide a variety of reading materials on different subjects and interests of students;
  • To establish linkages and networks with other agencies for library donations and resource sharing; and
  • To extend services to the community and other agencies.


  • The Supervising Librarian closely coordinates with the Student Services and Development Office, Department Chairpersons and the Executive Dean in determining the book needs of the students.


  • Makes available textbooks, reference books, interest and hobby books, magazines and other periodicals at the Library and Learning Resource Center of the college.
  • Updates the collection of the library by collecting the request of the department on needed books and other materials. Facilitate the procurement of new collection.
  • Scouts for possible donors of books and other materials. Offer other audio-visual materials relevant to classroom activities.

Guidelines in the Use of the Library Facilities

  • A students wishing to use the facilities and resources of the library is required to present a validated borrower’s card together with his/her school ID.
  • For faculty and administrative personnel, the college I.D. should be presented upon entry.
  • Researchers coming from outside of the college are required to present a referral letter from the Librarian of the institution of origin.

How to apply for Library Card

  • Present the current registration form to the Librarian-in-charge together with the student ID for the current semester.
  • Submit two (2) 2x2 ID pictures for a new students and one (1) 2x2 for an old student
  • Claim the borrower’s card on the specified date by presenting the registration form

Internet Policies

  • Internet services are made available to students.
  • A students must present his/her ID cards before he/she could log in.
  • Minimal charges set by the finance office is paid to the operator who remits daily collections to the cashier.
  • Opening, viewing and posting pornographic materials are strictly prohibited.
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