A total of 56 preservice teachers who are currently deployed for practice teaching in different K-12 schools within and outside the province attended a 5-day intensive review conducted by the Carl Balita Review Center in partnership with the College.

The review which was held at the College AVR from November 25-29, 2019 was conducted as part of Course Audit 2, aimed primarily at providing a comprehensive review, testing and evaluation on the different content areas under General Education, Professional Education and Specialization as components of the Licensure Examination for Teachers. The course objectives are also in consonance with the Teacher Education Department’s goal of addressing the need for updated literature and materials to help teacher education graduates to pass the board exam and become full-fledged professional teachers.

           During the review, competent lecturers provided the preservice teachers with comprehensive lectures about relevant updates on questions that are usually coming out in the LET. They discussed important topics in the different professional, general and major subjects. Among the professional education subjects that were tackled were Assessment of Student Learning, The Teaching Profession, Ethico-legal, Developmental Reading, and Curriculum Development, among others. More importantly, the participants were also provided an opportunity to experience a simulation of a LET scenario which included drills and mock examinations using scantron paper for their answer sheets during the ONSPAT examination. This type of paper is the same with the one being used in the LET that is being checked by a machine. Moreover, the preservice teachers were also provided with examination tips like removing distractors from four given choices for them to arrive at correct answers to the questions. Strategies on addressing questions on situational problems were also discussed by the lecturers.

            The integration of the 5-day intensive review to Course Audit 2 of the TED curriculum is hoped to enhance the performance of the department in LET as it gears towards a Level IV accreditation status.

           Preservice teachers of the Teacher Education Department join the CBRC lecturers and TED faculty during the culminating program of the 5-day intensive LET review conducted in November 2019 at the College AVR.//Delia Sumeg-ang

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