Surging sounds from music of the 80s to the latest singles, accompanied by the vibrating thuds of the guitars and drums and the thin squeals from the spectators filled the MPSPC Auditorium on the night of the College President’s birthday. It was a commemoration with a cause dubbed as 54@54 Musical Extravaganza Concert. The celebrator himself sat comfortably in his place, and endless beams and grins did not cease to disappear from his lips while his eyes flickered under the soft lighted auditorium.

It was a night of pleasure, fun, and amusement as the performers, the faculty and staff of the College took every opportunity to own the stage and delivered their best masterpieces. They turned themselves from teachers to artists who flaunted their God-given skills and talents amidst the beautifully decorated stage, complete with the guest band who delivered the show. Young guest performers were not intimated by their co-performers and also belted their voices to equal the impressive performance of the MPSPC talents.

      The 5-hour show was also spiced up by surprise raffle draws. The prizes of the winners were courtesy of the President who stayed until the last second of the show. A sense of fulfillment and gratification seemed to have filled the spectator’s night.

      A total of 2,000 tickets were sold. Sponsorship tickets priced at P540, P1080, and P5400 pesos were obtained and paid by generous donors, while general admission tickets at P54 were also sold to other interested spectators. In total, the concert for a cause raised a staggering amount of P84,386 pesos from regular ticket sales and sponsorship tickets. The money raised was turned over to the beneficiaries.

      As part of the College President’s social action program, the proceeds of the concert were turned over to the beneficiaries identified by the President himself. The financial assistance was used for the medication of the beneficiaries of the concert proceeds namely, Mr. Victor Ananayo, a prostate cancer patient, Mr. Jay Tomas Sanoan and Ms. Mary Jane Quiwas who are both suffering from kidney failure and need constant hemodialysis sessions.

      With the evident success of the musical extravaganza, Dr. Chakas decided that another concert will be staged at the Tadian Central School on December 14, 2019. Proceeds of this show will be used as financial assistance for the medication requirements of identified beneficiaries namely: Karen B. Alicay, a forestry student suffering from Type 2 Hyperglycemia Toxic Goiter, and Tangerine Blaine B. Velasco who has Cushing Syndrome. 

      The President’s Social Action Program, which is undertaken annually, is dedicated to help the needy. Since its inception in 2015 that commenced with the 50@50 social action program, the project has extended help to more than ten (10) causes including organizations like the Bontoc Women’s Brigade.//

Eunark G. Andaya, Nicole Bryle F. Gut-omen, Dixty L. Caranto

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