Turning into the so-called golden age and seizing the opportunity to help a sick person was the idea that defined the 50thbirthday celebration of Dr. Rexton F. Chakas, MPSPC President last November 19, 2015. It was a classic case of altruism and magnanimity that a servant leader could exhibit, that instead of hosting a lavish merriment that usually comes with “power” had rather committed himself to a noteworthy cause of extending help to those in need.  It is also an appropriate exemplar of “actions speak louder than words” and “walk your talk” that defines this present leadership of an academic institution that is confronted with various and inevitable academic, social and moral concerns through the years.


The charity programs that we watch in mainstream media have realized their local versions in our midst through the social action project of President Chakas who, upon assuming the highest post in the college has avowed transformational leadership. He averred, “it feels great to be 50 and be of help.” He also expressed his gratitude to all those who took part in the endeavour – the police personnel, the office of the municipal mayor for the permit, members of private and religious groups, the MPSPC family and friends, private individuals and community leaders.






MPSPC’s first family lead the walk for a cause initiated by Dr. Rexton F. Chakas in celebration of his 50th birthday on November 19, 2015 in Bontoc, Mountain Province. /photo by: MPSPC MIS Office/


  Considered as his first social action project dubbed “Jezz-A-Walk”,  it has raised an amount of P95,000 though the participation of at least four hundred individuals comprising of MPSPC faculty, administrative staff and students, CHBCM members, community members, relatives and friends of the family and private individuals who joined the walk. With the remittance of additional registration payment, President Rexton hopes that it will reach P100,000 such that instead of the 50 @ 50 kicker, it will become 50 + 50 that is interpreted by many that he will live an additional 50 years and continue serving for a worthy cause. The proceeds shall be turned over in fitting ceremonies to Dr. Susan A. Lopez, a faculty member of the College whose husband, SPO2 Jessie Sumcad Lopez was diagnosed of stage 5 renal failure which requires him to undergo dialysis procedure twice a week. According to close allies, this project is just the start, a commencement of a series of noble and worthy endeavours. In fact, Dr. Chakas is inclined to starting a fund for his future social action projects which he considers as project of everyone.    

    On the hour of the walk, cheerful smiles and undeniable enthusiasm beamed from the participants faces as the project leader himself was cheery on such special day. Short as it may seem, with the route passing through the usual parade direction and ending at the college quadrangle, the experience itself shall be long lived. A short program ensued after the walk and was hosted by the birthday celebrator himself. After the program, while the participants witnessed the opening of the MPSPC canteen which is now under the management of the Office of the Vice President for Resource Generation and Linkages headed by Ms. Venus Grace K. Fagyan, the participants were treated to overflowing coffee and pandesal to cap the morning’s activity . And to complete the essence of celebration, the President hosted the luncheon at the Administration grounds attended by BOT members, provincial and municipal officials, faculty, staff and students.

            Having assumed the presidency for one a half year, President Chakas has initiated various projects not only within the college but also throughout the community and the wider sphere in general. His social action project is in consonance with his HERITAGE program of transformational leadership, significant linkages and community welfare programs that have not only been spelled out in words but were also put into action.

            With apparent conviction and hope, Dr. Chakas prays that with this project, God will also grant our prayers that such unnecessary illnesses affecting the MPSPC faculty, staff and students and all other people and families be treated so that if a repeat of the project be done, it is to send an MPSPC student to the moon. /MPSLopez

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