The vision of the Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Department is to become a self-regulating college as a center of excellence in hospitality and tourism services. Imbued with academic and skills superiority, it will strengthen itself through continuous linkages and partnership to attain sustained rural development and worldwide viability.    

The Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Department will:
•    Actively indulge in community affairs through linkages and alliances;
•    Offer programs which are globally competitive that produce competent and in demand graduates;
•    Support the college vision through active involvement in all school projects and activities;
•    Advocate sustainable hospitality and tourism services through relevant researches and IPT; and
•    Promote cultural awareness through active participation in active activities.


GOAL 1. Academic Superiority: Attain national credit of excellence for implementation of HRMT programs.

Objective 1: Implement programs in line with national Hotel and Restaurant and Tourism Services.
Objective 2: Improve the strategies and methods of teaching.
Objective 3: Encourage participation in education opportunities abroad.
Objective 4:Maintain accreditation/registration status of programs in the department.

GOAL 2. Linkages and Partnerships: Establish linkages among the various departments of the college, NGOs, government agencies, and private institutions.

Objective 1: Encourage participation, coordination and cooperation among the various departments of the college.
Objective 2: Actively participate in community affairs where services of the HRMT department are needed.
Objective 3: Maintain a favorable linkage with business and government partners.
Objective 4: To come up with project proposals and training designs which could be funded by related agencies and Non-Government Organizations.

GOAL 3: Institutional Advancement: To increase department fund to support the activities of the department.
Objective 1: Develop income generating projects to be participated in by students, faculty and staff of the department.
Objective 2: Inculcate the values of proper management and entrepreneurship as a vital factor in empowerment.

GOAL 4: Research: To increase HRMT department participation in research that impacts the college and its environments
Objective 1: Provide a venue for students’ participation in research undertaking.
Objective 2: Encourage faculty members to involve themselves in higher research activities.
Objective 3: Secure funding support for research undertakings.

GOAL 5: Organizational Development: Strengthen the departmental systems in order to conduct academic and business operations effectively and efficiently

Objective 1: Develop a coordinated system to support college operating policies and programs.
Objective 2: Effectively manage the academic, business, and fiscal affairs of the department.

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