To attain quality and excellence in the field of commerce to increase entrepreneurs and managers of developing the natural resources of the country and creating
employment for the people.
General Objective

Achieve quality and excellence in the field of commerce, both as career and trade fashioned on a training that gives weight to premium on talent, hard work, integrity and commitment to social justice and progress.

Specific Objectives


  1. Deliver an excellent mode of instruction and training in human relation, effective, communication, economics, mathematics, management, finance, accounting, and business law;
  2. Refine the student’s working knowledge and skills on management entrepreneurship required to face expected challenges;
  3. Develop the students to become leaders and experts in the field of business management, financial  management, and entrepreneurship;
  4. Develop students to be socially responsible and proactive management professionals and entrepreneurs that can meet the challenges in the local and global industries;
  5. Prepare students to conduct business through the latest development in the information and technology.


BS in Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management


     The Marketing Management Program prepares the students to be responsive to the total environment by providing technical skills and competencies in the areas of marketing. Theory is blended with practicum activities to give the student a broad and enriched base for career in marketing.


BS in Business Administration, Major in Financial Management


     The Financial Management Program aims to prepare the student to possess a strong foundation on theory, principles and concepts, as well as analytical tools and perspectives that would provide a sound and competitive basis for financial decision making.

     The program requires high level of dynamism and commitment from the students. The student will work in depth in each course through proper balancing of finance theory and research with the practical aspects of financial management.

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